Facts all come with points of view… (cont.)

ONE liter of bottled water uses THREE liters of water to produce

I understand people don’t want to drink the tap water because of the crap that makes its way in there. Fair enough. But what’s being done to keep that same crap out? Buying more bottled water probably isn’t helping.

I get water from a well. Conveniently (for now), Paraguay sits on top of the world’s largest contiguous fresh-water aquifer. The Guarani Aquifer contains enough fresh water to supply the world with 200 years worth of fresh drinking water. The locals don’t let that one be forgotten. Mostly because they think I’m a spy sent here to figure out how to steal it, but also ‘cause they’re proud of it. I can’t blame them – somewhere near the top of the list of best reasons to be a PCV in Paraguay: You can drink the water. Followed closely behind by: You can drink the water!

At least for now.

The soy got sprayed again this morning. That’s not helping matters.



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