About all this

About me or this blog? How about both.

Kevin. I’m not that good at about me’s. I like to travel, write and take photos. I think I’d like being an explorer.

LunaticZEN. This blog grew out of the time I spent in Paraguay as a Peace Corps volunteer. I wanted to share a view of the world that people “back home” might not be able to see. I thought this could be their window.

I continue it today for the same reason. To share what I see.


3 thoughts on “About all this

  1. I’m going to miss you!! I wish you all the best (that sounds like a goodbye and this soooo better not be one, lol). I hope that you enjoy your adventure and that it is more than anything you ever expected in an exhilarating and great way! Don’t worry, I will definitely log on here and check things out…Kevin, I don’t know how you could ever be boring (plus anything to distract from work, haha). Take care, talk soon,
    Love, Cat

  2. Wow it’s been a long time. I was drinking a PBR the other day and realized it has been some time since we last spoke. So much has happened in the past year. I hope you are well. Jenny and I wish you the best. I hope we can catch up soon.

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