The main page of this blog has pretty much been some sort of commentary on my life and living situation here in Paraguay and the things I run across – some funny, some interesting – that might relate to it, or somehow shed some light for you guys on what it’s like.

This page is gonna be a little different. No feelings, no history, no storytelling. Just a look at some of the projects – individual and with others – that I’ve got going on. A mixed bag of the stuff that keeps me occupied between books and visiting neighbors.

I’m hoping it’s going to be pretty heavy on the pictures – which means updates might have to wait for the days when I’m in the city and not balancing on one foot in my kitchen feeding food scraps to the stray dogs that run in the hamster wheel that keep this internet signal powered out here. So check in now and again and maybe you’ll see something cool.


UPDATED 10.17.11 –

Due to formatting options the project examples are going to be available in PDF documents – complete with photos and text – rather then in a blog entry type format. New PDF’s will be added here as I complete them.

Project PDF – Soil Recuperation

Project PDF – Lombriculture

Project PDF – Soap Making

Project PDF – Beekeeping

Project PDF – Est. of Seed Sources


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